Honors & Activities

9-Square in the Air

4-man Skies

Archery Honor

Alive Bible - Honor

Animal Tracking


Beading (Key chain Station)

Black Smith

Bible Trivia 1Kings&Ruth


Bird Houses (Wood Working)

Birds - Honor


Bridges - Honor

Bubble - Honor

Chariots Lashing

Compass Rose Relay

Conflict Resolution - Honor

Cup Game

Dogs - Honor

Drop the Flag

Duct Tape - Honor

Dutch Oven Demonstrations

Egg Toss

Felt - Honor

First Aid Basic - Honor

First Aid Relay

Flag - Honor

Flag Football

Diversity/Disability Obstacle Course

Horseback Riding

Human Tic-Tac-Toe

Native American Lore

Knot Tying Relay


Lego - Honor

Obstacle Course 1 (The Beast)

Obstacle Course 2/Memorization

Obstacle Course 3/Books of the Bible 

Perala Beads

Physical Fitness

Plank Race

Prayer - Honor

Puppetry - Honor


Relay Race

Remember the Sabbath

Search and Rescue


Slip and Slide

Soap Craft - Honor


Spiders - Honor


Team Building Game/Tent Set Up

Team Building - spike ball


Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Water Relay




Learn, Play, & Develop Skills

Throughout each day at the Camporee, various on-site activities offer enriching experiences for Pathfinders. Work towards earning new honors, explore new adventures, sharpen your skills, and check out special interest areas. There is something for everyone and the excitement awaits you. There’s so much to choose from!