Mr. Gene Clapp
Union Camporee

Committee Chairman

Pastor Helvis Moody
Young Adult/

Youth Ministries

Southwestern Union Camporee


We are increasing the number and variety of crafts, activities and events so you really will not be able to get around to them all!  Returning will be the fantastic Pathfinder History Museum with Arnold and Dixie Plata!

Our program personnel are planning fantastic programs with continuing spiritual dramas, wonderful speakers and music from some of the most talented Pathfinders I know, You!!  We hope that you will not only have great fun but will also meet Jesus or renew your devotion to Him while here at “STAND FIRM”.  A baptismal service is planned for Sabbath Afternoon.

I can’t begin to tell you everything you will see and do at Camporee so plan to come and see for yourself!  Be a part of “STAND FIRM”!

Let’s Make It a Date, October 13-16, 2016 at Lake Whitney Ranch!
See you there!

 Gene Clapp
Camporee Director

Dear Pathfinders,

We are very excited to welcome you to the 2016 Southwestern Union Pathfinder Camporee “STAND FIRM” at Lake Whitney Ranch in Clifton, Texas!  We anticipate our Camporee will be one of the largest Union Camporees in the North American Division in 2016 with between 4500 to 5000 Pathfinders!

Lake Whitney Ranch is the 900 plus acre summer camp for the Texas Conference.  If you were with us in 2012 for the Southwestern Union Pathfinder Camporee, you will recall what a large and beautiful camp Lake Whitney Ranch is bordered by the vast Lake Whitney! 
 Every time we have an event we want to do bigger and better than we did last time. Our SW Union Camporee is no exception!  In 2012 we had over 60 different crafts, activities and events on Friday and many more on Sabbath afternoon.We had a great speaker and music was fantastic!  Many Pathfinders complained there was so much to do they could not get around to everything!  Well get ready!!!!    All five Conferences of the Southwestern Union have put their heads together! 

Hello Everybody,

I am excited about our 2016 union wide Pathfinder Camporee.  We are calling all pathfinders in this union to meet us at Lake Whitney Ranch Oct. 13-16, 2016.  You don’t want to miss it as our theme is “Stand Firm”.  The questions is - are you standing firm at home?  Are you standing firm at school?  Are you standing firm in the church?  Are you standing firm in the Word of God?  This pathfinder camporee will be a spiritual enrichment weekend and we want you to be there.  Not only you but we want you to invite a friend.  You have 9 months to evangelize at least one soul to the pathfinder ministry and get them to camporee.  A baptism will take place and wouldn’t it be great if your friend is among those who gets baptized there. Masterguides, get your clubs together.  I want to see you there to lead by example in these last days as we all stand firm in the Word of God.  I love you but God loves you best! 

Pastor Helvis C. Moody
Southwestern Union Young Adult/Youth Ministries Director.